2020 SummerNight Entertainment

SummerNight 2021 will feature local rock group 8 Track Rewind!

8 Track Rewind (8TR) is a four piece, Power Quad performing classic rock hits from the 8-track, vinyl LP and cassette eras, REWINDING and taking you back so you can recover the memories that were lost with all the debauchery from years long ago.

8TR was formed in 2012 by a group of seasoned musicians from Opelika and Auburn Alabama. Philip Rowton, Michael Dean, John Walker and Skip Courtney have, over time, built upon the original vision of 8 Track Rewind and applied their individual influences to this Power Quad.

The band has created an exciting musical experience for audiences of all ages and tastes. Each performance is unique and explores their love of classic rock and musical expression.

Band Members

Philip Rowton - Vocals and Guitar
Michael Dean - Ooohs, Ahhs and Bass
John Walker - Drums
Skip Courtney - Vocals, Keys, Flute and Harmonica

For more information about the band, you can visit their Facebook page, 8 Track Rewind!




Downtown Auburn

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Auburn SummerNight 2020